Auger Drive and Swing Control System

Integrated into the hitch & drive hood, Digga’s swing control uses grease filled cylinders to reduce the forward /back and side to side movements of your auger drive and auger. It is fully independent of your hydraulic system requiring no additional hosing.

Swing Control makes your auger easier to operate and control allowing faster return back into the hole, greatly improving operator efficiency and effectiveness. It also makes your work site safer by reducing the danger of an auger stricking a person or property while swinging freely during machine movements.

  • Unique independent dampening cylinders control forward/aft and side to side movement
  • Compact, low maintenance
  • Adjustable levels of dampening
  • Can be retrofitted to most exisiting Digga auger drives
  • The faster you move the quicker the drive unit stops
  • Patented design
  • Most revolutionary pendulum dampening system in the world
Must See Video (click below) 
Digga Europe - Swing Control System Comparison