Screw Pile Torque Heads 45,000Nm to 90,000Nm for Helical Pile Installation

Digga's Supa Drive range of Screw Pile Torque Heads, also called Anchor Drives, produce between 45,000Nm and 95,000Nm. Digga manufacture the only dedicated Screw Pile Torque Heads specially designed for the rigors of helical pile installation. Fitted with our patented Anti Kickback Valve, which controls the rapid decompression of oil cause during the application of foundation piles, you’ll get maximum life & performance out of your Digga Torque Head. Using only superior quality, highly volumetric efficient radial piston motors, Digga Anchor Drives efficiently utilise the total available horsepower of your machine - Delivering consistent & efficient helical pier installation throughout your working day = More lineal metres in the ground = Maximum returns

If you're looking for industry leading performance and reliability, with engineering back up, & experienced service you can count on, look no further than Digga for all your Screw Pile Drive needs. Our reputation has been built over 31 years of product quality and customer service. We provide solutions for excavators of various makes and models including Kubota, Bobcat, Cat, JCB, Case Komatsu, Kobelco, Takeuchi, Volvo and Doosan Excavators.

  • Compact, High Quality, Australian made gearbox
  • In built PRV (pressure relief valve) standard
  • ECV (Energy Control relief Valve) to prevent rapid
    decompression of oil, caused by the reverse energy created
    by pile kick-back
  • With the Highest volumetrically efficient motors available, you
    will maintain consistent & efficient pile installation throughout
    the working day
  • Extreme duty shaft locking system
  • No complex hoses, valving or filtration
  • 2 speed drives available up to 380 lpm (peak), no need to detune
    your machine
  • 1yr Gearbox & 1yr Motor Warranty
  • Overall Length: from 1493mm
  • Diameter: from 600mm
Digga Europe - SD 95 Supa Drive Unit

Supa Drive Specifications 
  Sd 45 Sd 50 Sd 70 Sd 80 Sd 95
Max Torque 44,333 nm 51,985 nm 68,018 nm 81,986 nm 91,215 nm
Max Pressure 240 bar @ 380 lpm
Max flow 380 lpm @ 240 bar
Max Power 150 kw 150 kw 150 kw 150 kw 150 kw
Motor Radial Piston Radial Piston Radial Piston Radial Piston Radial Piston
PRV Included Included Included Included Included
ECV Included Included Included Included Included
Overall Length 1493 mm 1493 mm 1493 mm 1493 mm 1493 mm
Diameter 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
(No hitch / oil)
838 Kg 836 Kg 836 Kg 836 Kg 843 Kg
Shaft 100 mm square 100 mm square 100 mm square 100 mm square 100 mm square