Custom builds are our speciality

With over 30 years of drilling knowledge and manufacturing experience, Digga can provide you with a custom auger solution for any drilling application. Constructed with the highest grade steel in Digga’s fully equipped manufacturing facility, we ensure you only get the best quality and durability. Our experienced drilling specialists will help you in constructing the right auger for your needs. Everything from the correct cutting head to optimum flight and pitch configurations, as well as suiting wear parts and accessories.

Experienced to bring you the best quality

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing using the highest quality materials, Digga brings you efficient cutting heads and optimum flight pitches for maximum soil removal in all ground conditions.

Select between various hub options

Square, round and hex hub options available to suit your existing drive unit or drilling rig.

Auger size options

Your custom auger can be made to any length and to your preferred drilling diameter.

Pitch & flighting

Choose between a shallow or steep pitch configuration or a combination of both, depending on the application. For optimum spoil removal, choose between a double start/single flight configuration or a full doubled flighted configuration.

Cutting heads

The key to efficient drilling is the auger cutting head. Depending on the ground condition, Digga offers a bladed or a tapered cutting head design with either a single cut or a double cut configuration.

Wearparts & pilots

Our extensive range of quality wear parts and pilots are designed to suit most ground conditions. Choose between flat/chisel, tapered tooth or rotating rock pick configurations.

Features & benefits

  • Replaceable pilots available in Tungsten or Multi Faced Tungsten
  • Square, round and hex hub options available to suit your existing drive unit or drilling rig
  • Custom augers can be made to any length and to preferred drilling diameter
  • Custom flighting and pitch configurations
  • Variety of cutting head solutions
  • Wide range of wearparts and pilots to suit most ground conditions
  • Locally made quality augers using superior materials