8 series augers - 1ot-3ot

Our 8 Series augers are specially designed for Backhoes, Excavators, and machines up to 30t. For efficient drilling, the key is an effective auger cutting head. Depending on the ground condition, you can choose between a bladed cutting head, a tapered cutting head, or a rotating rock pick design. Need to drill deeper? Digga has a full range of auger extensions available to suit your specific requirements. Digga Augers come complete with Easy PADLOC knock in and out teeth which require no special tools.

A8 earth

Drill holes in light earth conditions and clay. Numerous teeth options are available for most ground conditions. Available in Earth, Tungsten, or MFT for general drilling.

RC8 earth/rock

Digga's RC8 Augers come with tapered tungsten TAPERLOC teeth, which are designed for drilling in earth, shale, asphalt, permafrost and fracturable rock.

DR8 dedicated rock

With rotating rock picks designed for drilling from soft fracturable rock to very hard rock. DR's feature short flighting to encourage regular spoil removal, allowing cool air to enter the hole and facilitate regular inspection of teeth.

Hub options

Match the hub style of your existing auger drive or drilling rig with various square hub options.

Wearparts & pilots

Our extensive range of quality wear parts and pilots are designed to suit most ground conditions. Choose between flat/chisel, tapered tooth or rotating rock pick configurations.

Custom solutions

Our experienced drilling specialists will help you in constructing the right auger for your needs. Everything from the right cutting head to flight and pitch configurations and also choosing the right wear parts and accessories. See custom augers.

Features & benefits

  • Replaceable pilots available in Tungsten or Multi Faced Tungsten
  • Various square hub options available to suit your existing drive unit or drilling rig
  • Shallow pitch flights for optimum removal of spoil
  • Variety of cutting head solutions and wide range of wearparts and pilots to suit most ground conditions
  • Drive adaptors & extensions available to maximise drilling depth
  • Locally made quality augers using superior materials
  a8 rc8 dr8
Hub 75 mm Square 75 mm Square 75 mm Square
Optional Hub 57 mm Square 57 mm Square 57 mm Square
Overall Length 1500 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm
Flights (Lead) 10 mm 10 mm 20 mm
Flights (Carry) 10 mm 10 mm 16 mm
Teeth TM TT 19 mm Rotating Rock Pick
Ideal Drives PD12-PD18 PD12-PD25 PD8HF-PD22
Optimum Drilling Speeds - rpm
Earth 55-65 55-65 N / A
Clay 45-55 45-55 N / A
Shale 25-45 25-45 25-45
Heavy Rock N / A N / A 10-25
Guide is a recommendation only.