The biggest innovation in pendulum drilling in the past two decades - HALO
2021 - September 6

UK, Hungerford – Digga, a leader in pendulum drilling around the world for the past 40 years is releasing an alignment system built into the hood of Earth Drills – They call it HALO. A band of green LED lights indicate when the unit is in a plumb position, while a sequence of red and green lights guides the operator back to plumb when the unit goes out of alignment.

There are several advantages of incorporating an alignment system into the hood. It costs significantly less than traditional systems, by eliminating the need for a costly in-cab display screen. This in turn means the operator never has to look away from the job in hole.

Due to the entire system being housed in the hood and the reduced number of electronic components, the HALO system can be powered by way of two means:

  1. Standard option is via a cable direct to cab to draw power from the cigarette lighter power plug.
  2. Optional Battery, meaning no cables back to cab. Operators can start drilling plumb within minutes.

HALO utilises a microprocessor and 6 sensors to provide accurate readings to +/- 0.25 degrees, even under heavy vibration and offers operators many great time and money saving advantages including eliminating the need for a spotter with a spirit level to guide the operator (HALO does not have holidays or take sick leave).

HALO ensures holes are drilled plumb, reducing the number of in-hole angle adjustments which can create an oversized hole. This in turn reduces the amount of concrete required to fill the hole.

In-hole adjustments can also cause sideload on the Auger and Earth Drill, potentially causing damage and expensive repairs. Operators are also able to return to drilling faster after returning the auger into the hole.

The process of bringing HALO to market has taken over 5 years, with years of bench and field testing undertaken to ensure the unit works faultlessly and can endure the rigors of our industry. Furthermore, HALO has been sold successfully in Australia, one of the world’s toughest environments for the past 18 months. Its popularity has meant that the European launch had to be delayed 12 months while production was ramped up. HALO will be launched in the USA in January 2022, with Asia to follow towards the end of next year.

The HALO system will be available in Europe from September 6th, 2021, on Digga drills PD3 to PD7, which suit most machines around the 3 to 8 tonne range. Digga is looking to releasing HALO to their entire range of Earth Drills in late early 2022.

Here’s what your customers are saying about HALO:

“Owning and running a business in the rural fencing and cattle yard building industry, I think the HALO is a really good thing; is it easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to see from the cab!”
Sam Robinson - SKR Contracting
“I have nothing but praise for a unique and professional addition to the Digga PD3 auger drive. It is one of the best innovations to be released to assist the operator in drilling accurate plumb pier holes.” He then went on to say, “It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”
Andrew Butt - Buttcon PTY LTD

The future of drilling is here!