Screw Anchor Drives for Helical Pile Installation

Digga's Anchor Drives are the most advanced drives for screw anchor installation available. We manufacture the only true Anchor Drives specially designed for the rigors of screw anchor pile installation. Our gear boxes have been developed through years of testing in the field and listening to the needs of our clients.

If you're looking for industry leading performance and reliability, with engineering back up, & experienced service you can count on, look no further than Digga, for all your  Anchor Drive needs. Our reputation has been built over 31 years of product quality and customer service.

Our extensive range of dedicated Anchor Drives are available from 4,000Nm to 500,000Nm to suit machines up to 80 tonne.

Digga Europe - Hand-held Drives

screw anchor

Up to 11,500 Nm

Digga Europe - Premium Drives

Premium Drives

4,000-40,000 Nm

Digga Europe - Supa Drives

Supa Drive

45,000-90,000 Nm

Digga Europe - Mega Drives

Mega Drive

115,000-200,000 Nm

Digga Europe - Ultra Drives

Ultra Drive

190,000-300,000 Nm

Digga Europe - Xtreme Drives

Xtreme Drive

270,000-500,000 Nm