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Digga manufactures two different ranges of auger extensions - depending on the host machine size.

Earth Drill Extensions for machines up to 8 tonne have a female to male design while extensions for machines above 8 tonnes are an ingenious telescopic design which utilises an inner and outer extension.

  • Variety of hub options
  • Heavy duty tube with the highest grade steel
  • Inner extension slides inside the outer extension on extensions
    for machines above 8 tonne
  • 3 connection points on the inner extension allows multiple extension lengths to be acheived
  • The inner auger extension can be easily stored for transportation
    by sliding it inside the outer extension
Auger Extension Specifications 
Machines up to 5 tonne Machines 4 to 8 tonne
Female to male
500 mm to 1500 mm
Hub & shaft options
Female to male
1000 mm to 2000 mm
Hub & shaft options
Round 65 mm Square 57 mm
Round 50.8 mm Square 75 mm
Square 57 mm  
Digga Europe - Auger Extension X4-05 Digga Europe - Auger Extension XO7-10 / XT100-15
Max torque capability
11,500 nm
Max torque Capability
30,000 nm
Machines 8 to 15 tonne Machines 15 to 50 tonne
Outer & inner
1000 mm to 3000 mm
Hub & shaft options
Outer & inner
1000 mm to 4000 mm
Hub & shaftoptions
Square 75 mm Square 100 mm
Digga Europe - Auger Extension XO100-15 / XT100-15--table Digga Europe - Auger Extension XO75-10 / XT75-10
Max torque capability
87,000 nm
Max torque capability
130,000 nm
Digga Europe - Auger Extension Exploded Line Drawing

Ordering Auger Extensions 

When fitting a telescopic male inner extension (solid shaft),a female adaptor is required. When fitting a female outer extension (hollow shaft), a male adapter is required. For more information, phone 1488 688 550. Our friendly sales team will be glad to help with your enquiry.